What is ResearchX ?

ResearchX is a platform for sharing Research Jobs, Assistantships, Fellowships (& much more) in IIT, NIT, IISER, Central & States Universities & other Research Institutes in India.

ResearchX – Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.

Who are you ?
We are bunch of students who are working in IIT Bombay (as Research Assistants & Research Fellows).

Why are you doing this/ Why did you started it ?
– Because, we are sick of so called IT Jobs (just like every other Indian).
– We believe IT Jobs, makes you Zombie.
– And, every other Engineering & Science Student deserves to do much better work/projects at the start of their career in order to have exponential growth in terms of their knowledge, skills (if at all you are interested).

Are you an Startup/ Organization/ Company/ or intend to be one in future?
– No, Never.
– Rather, we would prefer to function as an Not-for-Profit.
– But, we would certainly like to see ResearchX as an community based platform of volunteers who share our views, opinions & values. And, have same zeal & interest in pursuing Research as career.

Which kinds of Jobs should I expect ?
We caters to only Engineering & Science related Jobs (Research Jobs) & that too in reputed institutes like IIT & IISER (only).

Which kinds of Institutes/ universities you cover ?
As of now we only cover IIT’s & IISER’s.