CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme 2017

CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme 2017

CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme 2017

Are you a student in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Physics, interested in working on advanced IT projects for two full months during the summer? If so, you should apply to the CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme!

About CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme:
CERN Openlab is a collaboration between CERN and industrial partners to develop new knowledge in Information and Communication Technologies through the evaluation of advanced solutions and joint research to be used by the worldwide community of scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider. Industrial partners include HP, Intel Corporation, Oracle Corporation and Siemens.

During two full months, the CERN Openlab summer students will be given a series of IT lectures by experts at CERN. The students also have the opportunity to attend the CERN generic student program lectures. Visits to the accelerators and experimental areas are part of the program, as well as external visits. A report on the work project carried out is to be handed in at the end of the stay.

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Who can apply:
– Applicant (Bachelor or Master) who have completed at least three years of studies at university level.
– Applicants must remain registered as a student during summer 2017 and that students graduating during summer 2017 are also eligible to apply.
– Students having already worked at CERN before are not eligible to apply.
– A good knowledge of English is mandatory; knowledge of French would be an advantage.

Financial Aid/ Support:
– A stipend of 90 CHF per day during which will cover living costs.
– Students are covered by the CERN health and accident insurance scheme.
– Travel allowance will be given.

Research Projects/ Area: Several projects and groups at CERN will host CERN openlab Summer Students.

– Examples of projects that students undertook in the past years include:

• Porting a Java-based Brain Simulation Software to C++
• Performance study of detector alignment software
• Evaluating the performance of Seagate Kinetic technology
• Archiving OpenStack cloud volumes
• Processing of the WLCG job monitoring data using ElasticSearch
• Upgrading the Huawei Cloud Storage Benchmark to make it compatible with ROOT6

Duration: 2 months in the summers 2017.

How to Apply:
– Applicants need to submit online application here.
– Documents required are
• CV/ Resume,
• Recommendation letter(s) by university supervisor(s),
• A motivation letter with an indication of the preferred area of work,
• And the university declaration for the current year.

Important Dates:
Application Deadline: February 15, 2017
Declaration of Results: April 2017.

For more details:
– Click here to download the poster.
– Click here to download the leaflet.
– Read the story of Sneha’s Summer Internship at CERN Openlab.

The last date to apply for CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme 2017 is February 15, 2017.

For more details, visit CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme page.

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CERN Openlab Summer Student Programme